AMP Your Solar Sales

One Minute Solar Designs
Prequalify Your Customers
Compare Your Lender's Monthly Payments
Send Beautiful Proposals
Close deals on the spot

Compare Financing, Win the Deal

Compare all your lenders, APR, monthly payments, dealer fees and prequalify your customers with the click of 1 button

Easy Battery Calculator

Balance your clients power and energy storage with an easy to use, advanced calculator.

Omni Channel Communication

Call, SMS, or Email with your customer, so you can keep track of the conversation, and reach them wherever they are. Reach your customers, send them your proposals even when they're away from their desk.

Text Notifications & Call Forwarding

Phone calls come in through the dashboard, and can optionally be forwarded to your mobile when you're away

Endless Workflows with Pipelines

Stay organized with Ampright pipelines, after you're done with a sale, send the ticket to your other workflows such as site inspection or project installation

Legal Contracts

Get documents signed. Easy, secure, legally binding, all in your ampright timeline so you can keep track

Calendars that Sync

Watch your team's calendars book up, and never double book again. Sync them with Google Calendars and other third party integrations.

Customize Presentations

We've prebuilt some beautiful presentations for you that get to the point. You can tailor these to each of your clients needs.

Client Analytics

When your customers open your emails and slideshow presentations we'll ping you, so that you can reach them when they are most available to discuss the project

Get a walkthrough

Schedule an appointment with our team to book a demo